Causa Limeña

  Causa is the layered potato and seafood salad you see above.  A signature dish from Peru there are endless ways to compose and present this dish.  You can make this as gourmet or as humble as you want.  While we've made a simple Causa here, you need only be limited by your imagination.  I've seen huge family sized [...]


Lentil and Walnut Pâté

I know we’ve found a great recipe when within the span of a week we’ve made it twice.   As it must be clear - this vegan pâté is one of those recipes.  Several years ago, during a trip to Montreal, we went out for brunch at a vegan restaurant called Aux Vivres.  We ended up coming back to eat [...]



  As is customary in many Latin cultures, at noon during the week my family would get together for ‘almuerzo’ (lunch).  The almuerzo would be our main meal of the day, and we would all come home from school or work to share it together.  One of the dishes that was always welcome was Silpancho.  Silpancho is a popular Bolivian [...]


Chicken Pot Pie

  No matter what season it is, a day like today can always be around the corner.  This actually suits me just fine, because a cloudy, rainy evening is perfect for a dinner like this - Chicken pot pie.  The name and concept behind this meal has comfort food written all over it, and besides being nourishing and delicious, this [...]


Ducken Club with oven fries

  Here is a sandwich I've been wanting to replicate for a while now, it is based on a Rob Feenie designed club sandwich at Cactus Club.  The Rob Feenie version uses roasted chicken and roasted duck, so to simplify things, we made ours with a grilled breast of chicken and added some fried duck prosciutto instead.  The bread you [...]


Grown-up Grilled Cheese

  Ever get the craving for a classic grilled cheese sandwich?... well... for next time, this is a very tasty ‘grown-up’ version you might want to give a try - we found this on the Williams Sonoma website and it seemed a perfect opportunity to have gourmet sandwiches for dinner and also try out another recipe from my favorite baking [...]


Caesar Salad

  Most of the time I have salad, the salad is on the side of my plate, an accompaniment to my main course, or as a starter just before it.  There are, however, a couple of meal equivalent salads that I will gladly eat in place of dinner and a chicken caesar salad with homemade croutons (and topped with bacon) [...]


Smoked Salmon Pizza

  Me and Fabio love making pizza at home, and we are constantly in the pursuit of perfecting our technique, trying out new crust recipes and experimenting with new topping combinations but we always come back to either this version of a smoked salmon pizza or the classic Margherita as ultimately they are our favorites. This is a recipe inspired [...]



  Here is our recipe for the beloved Salteña.  We make ours with chicken, potatoes and peas but you can switch the chicken for beef and pair it with beef broth for an equally delicious variation.  A salteña is what you see above, it is the image in our header, it is our favorite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. [...]


Potato Leek Soup

This is one of the first soup recipes I tried when I was new to Vancouver.  One cold winter day I was craving some soup for dinner, I texted James asking for some suggestions and he replied with this recipe by email.  Like some people say: simple is good, but when we are cooking: simple is delicious; as long as [...]

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