We are back... after a summer of no posting, we are looking forward to starting off with an at home re-creation of one of my favorite French pastries - the Canelé.   Soon after our trip to Paris last fall, a coworker of mine showed me an article in a local Vancouver magazine that was all about Canelé.  The history, [...]


Raspberry and Lemon Macarons

  Over the past few years, a small obsession of mine has been learning to make these French cookies at home.  Me and Fabio used to buy a few of these from the French bakery on Granville island for special occasions, and as much as I loved them, I couldn't justify the cost for anything more frequent.   Macarons are [...]



  Making croissants from scratch always intimidated me.  When I made puff pastry for the first (and only) time it was tough enough to laminate the dough in the hundreds of layers of butter with all the folding, rolling, chilling and waiting... and I knew that making croissant dough has an extra layer of complexity built in as well, as [...]


Lemon Vanilla Madeleines

  These classic scallop shaped French cookies are very simple to make (provided you have the special pan) and quick to put together.  As you can see the ingredient list is short and contains common kitchen staples... you can have a batch of these made start to finish in less than a half hour!  We had our first chance to [...]


Duck Confit with de Puy Lentils

  While we were in Paris, we had the good fortune of being hosted by one of Fabio’s good friends and her new husband.  We stayed in their home and they showed us around the city.  While the entire trip was wonderful, a highlight of our days in Paris was getting the chance to eat at some classic french bistros, [...]