As is customary in many Latin cultures, at noon during the week my family would get together for ‘almuerzo’ (lunch).  The almuerzo would be our main meal of the day, and we would all come home from school or work to share it together.  One of the dishes that was always welcome was Silpancho.  Silpancho is a popular Bolivian [...]


Passion Fruit Tart

  This tart is one of my favorite desserts ever and James makes it perfectly - One of the reasons I love this tart so much is that it reminds me of the passion fruit season in Santa Cruz. Growing up in Bolivia I was used to having a specific season for all of my favorite fruits.  From Avocado, to [...]


Pique a lo Macho

  This is like Bolivian ‘Poutine’ and we eat in in the same type of environment, shared with friends, late at night, always with drinks.  Pique comes from the word ‘picar’ and it is slang for sharing food and macho means that the food you are going to be sharing will be for brave people (for the macho) because this [...]



  Here is our recipe for the beloved Salteña.  We make ours with chicken, potatoes and peas but you can switch the chicken for beef and pair it with beef broth for an equally delicious variation.  A salteña is what you see above, it is the image in our header, it is our favorite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. [...]


Peanut Soup

Sopa de Maní is one of the most famous soups in Bolivia.  We eat this peanut soup as an appetizer before our main course at lunch time and that is because in Bolivia, just like in the majority of Latin America, the mid-day meal is the most important meal of the day.  Around noon, on weekdays, everybody stops working for [...]


Cheese Empanadas

This is the type of pastry you pick up with a coffee on a weekday morning in Santa Cruz. Each empanada would only cost a couple of bolivianos (about 30cents). I miss that type of pricing and I love the simplicity of these, they are just melted cheese wrapped in sweet dough and fried. Nothing can go wrong here. These [...]