Lentil and Walnut Pâté

I know we’ve found a great recipe when within the span of a week we’ve made it twice.   As it must be clear - this vegan pâté is one of those recipes.  Several years ago, during a trip to Montreal, we went out for brunch at a vegan restaurant called Aux Vivres.  We ended up coming back to eat [...]



It has been exactly one year since we started Dulce and Salado, sharing our first post - Empanadas de Queso - with all of you... We’ve had an incredible year - we both moved on to new jobs, we took our first big trip together, we got one year older and we took an alarming number of photos of our [...]


Caesar Salad

  Most of the time I have salad, the salad is on the side of my plate, an accompaniment to my main course, or as a starter just before it.  There are, however, a couple of meal equivalent salads that I will gladly eat in place of dinner and a chicken caesar salad with homemade croutons (and topped with bacon) [...]


Pique a lo Macho

  This is like Bolivian ‘Poutine’ and we eat in in the same type of environment, shared with friends, late at night, always with drinks.  Pique comes from the word ‘picar’ and it is slang for sharing food and macho means that the food you are going to be sharing will be for brave people (for the macho) because this [...]


Smoked Salmon Pizza

  Me and Fabio love making pizza at home, and we are constantly in the pursuit of perfecting our technique, trying out new crust recipes and experimenting with new topping combinations but we always come back to either this version of a smoked salmon pizza or the classic Margherita as ultimately they are our favorites. This is a recipe inspired [...]


Potato Leek Soup

This is one of the first soup recipes I tried when I was new to Vancouver.  One cold winter day I was craving some soup for dinner, I texted James asking for some suggestions and he replied with this recipe by email.  Like some people say: simple is good, but when we are cooking: simple is delicious; as long as [...]


Caramelized Onion Flatbread

It has been a couple of months since we have posted anything here.  The end of the summer really kept us busy as we were planning and taking our first big trip together to Europe.  We’ll be posting many new recipes inspired by our time in Spain and France soon, but to start us back up again we have a [...]


Papas a la Huancaína

If I had to narrow down my list of favourite Peruvian dishes, this simple salad would be right up there near the top. I first had this salad when I was in Peru a few years ago, staying with my friend Carolina. Just as soon as I finished my first bite I started asking about what this sauce was - [...]


West Coast Pockets

Seem familiar? They are a well known Cactus Club menu item and I just couldn’t come up with a different name so here is my homemade version of the Westcoast Pockets.  These were mine and my friend Nadines favorite appetizer at Cactus Club and a few years ago, when Nadine was still here in Vancouver (sadly for me and happily [...]


Peanut Soup

Sopa de Maní is one of the most famous soups in Bolivia.  We eat this peanut soup as an appetizer before our main course at lunch time and that is because in Bolivia, just like in the majority of Latin America, the mid-day meal is the most important meal of the day.  Around noon, on weekdays, everybody stops working for [...]

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