Grown-up Grilled Cheese

Grown-up Grilled Cheese


Ever get the craving for a classic grilled cheese sandwich?… well… for next time, this is a very tasty ‘grown-up’ version you might want to give a try – we found this on the Williams Sonoma website and it seemed a perfect opportunity to have gourmet sandwiches for dinner and also try out another recipe from my favorite baking book – Tartine Bread.  

Tartine is a beautifully shot instructional book dedicated to bread and bread based recipes.  Named after the famous bakery in San Francisco, the author Chad Robertson presents an incredibly detailed visual and verbal explanation (over approximately 30 pages) of how to make a natural starter and bake it into an incredible sourdough loaf right at home in your standard oven.  The past few months we’ve been baking all our own bread based on Chad’s recipe and have thoroughly enjoyed the results.  I find myself looking forward to Sundays when I get up at 7am to start mixing the dough.  It has been such a satisfying experience, I’ve even started contemplating pursuing a future education in Artisan baking.  If you have ever considered making your own bread at home – this book is excellent – I definitely recommend it to you.

The aforementioned bread of course forms the base of the sandwich here, you can also use any good quality sourdough or french bread.  Caramelize one onion (which is enough for two sandwiches) grate some high quality gruyere cheese, spread your bread slices with some chorizo tomato jam (or dijon mustard) and finish with lots of arugula after the sandwich has been grilled – This makes one delicious sandwich – Enjoy!

Grown up Grilled Cheese

Ingredients / Ingredientes

  • 4 slices of sourdough bread / rebanadas de pan masa fermentada
  • 1 Onion (sliced and caramelized) / cebolla ( cortada y acaramelizada)
  • Large bunch of Arugula or Spinach / puñalada de rúcula o espinaca
  • Dijon Mustard or Chorizo tomato jam (recipe follows) / mostaza o mermelada de chorizo y tomate
  • Gruyere cheese (grated) / queso gruyere rallado
  • Olive oil (just to brush the bread) / aceite de oliva

Chorizo Tomato Jam (from Tartine Bread) / Mermelada de tomate y chorizo

  • 1 pound cherry (or grape) tomatoes / libra de tomates cherry
  • 6 ounces chorizo sausage finely chopped / libras de chorizo cortados finamente
  • 1/2 tsp marjoram / cucharilla de mejorana
  • 1 tsp thyme / cucharilla de tomillo
  • 1 shallot (diced) / cebolla cortada (chalota)
  • 2 tsps sherry vinegar / cucharillas de vinagre de jerez
  • 1/2 tsp brown sugar / cucharilla de azúcar negra
  • 1/2 cup currants – soaked in warm water for 5 minutes and drained / taza de uvas pasas o grosellas – remojadas y escurridas en agua tibia por 5 minutos
  • pinch of salt / pizca de sal

Instructions / Instrucciones

  • Cook the chorizo in a skillet over medium high heat and continue until the oil begins to separate from the meat – approx 5 minutes / Cocinar el chorizo en fuego medio hasta que el aceite comienze a separar de la carne – apróximadamente por 5 minutos.

chorizo tomato jam

  • Add the diced shallot and cook until softened – another few minutes / Agregar la cebolla cortada finamente por algunos minutos más
  • Add the tomatoes and cook, stirring occasionally until the tomatoes release their liquid, reduce the heat to medium and add the marjoram, thyme, and currants (add some water as well if necessary to loosen the mixture) / Agregar los tomates y cocinarlos hasta que salga todo su liquido. Después reducir el fuego y agregar el tomatillo, mejorana y uvas pasas. (agregar agua si es que necesitas)

chorizo tomato jam 2

  • Continue to cook and stir frequently until the liquid has cooked off and the jam has thickened / Cocinar la mezcla hasta que no haya liquido y esté espesa.
  • Add the vinegar, brown sugar and salt in the final few minutes / Agregar el vinagre, la azúcar y la sal y dejar cocinar por algunos minutos más
  • Transfer to a bowl to cool / Transferir a otro contenedor y dejar enfriar

chorizo tomato jam 3

  • Pulse mixture in a food processor to even out the consistency / Colocar en un triturador o licuadora para mejor consistencia.

Assembly / Montaje

  • Brush one side of each piece of bread with olive oil / Colocar aceite de oliva en una rebanada de  pan

Carmelized onion

  • Spread the other side of the bread with Dijon mustard or Chorizo tomato jam / En la otra rebanada colocar la mostaza o la mermelada de tomate y chorizo
  • Top the slices of bread with caramelized onions and grated gruyere cheese / Colocar cebollas acarameladas y queso gruyere encima.

Ready for the grill... grown up grilled cheese

  • Place the other piece of bread on top of the cheese and grill in a Panini press for about 5 minutes – until the bread has strong grill marks and the cheese is completely melted / Colocar la otra rebanada de pan encima y tostar en un tostador para sandwiches (panini) por 5 minutos.

Putting it all together... grown up grilled cheese

  • Remove the sandwich from the grill, open the sandwiches up and fill with Arugula (or Spinach), put the sandwich back together, slice in half and enjoy! / Sacar el sandwich y abrirlo agregando rúcula o espinaca, cerrar el sandwich y cortarlo por la mitad….solo queda disfrutar!!!

Grown up grilled cheese... Provecho!