Monthly Archives: July 2012

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

These are Thomas Haas’s chocolate sparkle cookies, you can buy these directly from his store or places like gourmet warehouse in packs of 6, they are sold frozen so you can bake them at home. This recipe was published in the Vancouver sun a few years ago and proclaimed the ‘worlds greatest chocolate cookie’ and I assure you it will [...]



A lot of the food me and Fabio make is inspired by something we’ve had the chance to enjoy in the past - either at a great restaurant here or back in Bolivia, or from trips we’ve taken and the food we’ve experienced while traveling. Our post this week is a seafood Paella, which rather than being inspired by a [...]


Papas a la Huancaína

If I had to narrow down my list of favourite Peruvian dishes, this simple salad would be right up there near the top. I first had this salad when I was in Peru a few years ago, staying with my friend Carolina. Just as soon as I finished my first bite I started asking about what this sauce was - [...]