Filled Pancakes

Filled Pancakes

These are Danish filled pancakes – The pan you need to make them is called an ebelskiver pan and is sold as a ‘filled pancake’ pan at Williams Sonoma.  We picked up ours a couple years ago when we were trying to come up with something new for brunch.  The pan is not cheap (nothing at Williams Sonoma is) but the way I justify the cost is that each time we use it, the average cost per use gets less and less and now that we’ve used it 10 or so times it has certainly been worth the investment.  We probably use ours 3-4 times per year.    

Just like crepes, these filled pancakes can have endless variations and can be made to suit anyone’s taste.  When it’s just me and Fabio at home we often just use ready made fillings like jam, nutella, or apple butter but… for this brunch, we were having our friends Megan and Allan over and wanted to impress a bit so we prepared our favorite homemade fillings.  Here we have grated apple spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg (served with whipped cream, and cinnamon powdered sugar), lemon curd marscapone, dulce de leche, and for a savory option blue cheese and ham.

To get these right each time, it’s important to figure out the perfect temperature for the pan (on our stove that is a little below medium) and also to have your mis en place ready i.e. batter prepared, fillings prepared, spoons for the batter with a plate to place them on, butter melted with a pastry brush ready and the ebelskiver pan of course on the burner at that perfect temperature.  

We use chopsticks to rotate the ebelskiver over and we rotate them 3-4 times total, first tilting them up on the sides, allowing the batter to spill down into the well.  Once we have formed 3/4 pancake balls we add in the filling and spoon one more tablespoon of batter on top sealing the filling in.  Rotate just a couple more turns to complete cooking the pancake all around.

Remember to brush the wells each time with some melted butter and to keep that pan on a lower temperature otherwise you won’t have enough time to rotate them before they brown too much.  A bit of practice and you’ll get the rhythm down and they really are worth the effort for a unique breakfast or brunch menu… Just think of all the possibilities! 


  • 2 cups flour  / tazas de harina
  • 1 tsp baking powder / cucharilla de polvo para hornear
  • 1/2 tsp salt / cucharilla de sal
  • 1 Tbsp sugar / cuchara de azúcar
  • 4 eggs separated / huevos
  • 2 cups milk / tazas de leche
  • 4 Tbsp butter (melted)  / cucharas de mantequilla derretida

Fillings / Relleno

Lemon curd and Marscapone / Crema de limón y queso Marscapone

  • Mix equal parts lemon curd and marscapone cheese together / Mezclar igual parte de crema de limón con el queso marscapone

Spiced apple / Manzana con especies

  • Grate one apple, add to frying pan with a bit of butter and over medium heat cook for a few minutes.  While heating, add some fresh grated ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon and brown sugar to taste /  Rallar una manzana y poner en un sartén con un poco de matequilla sobre fuego medio por algunos minutos. Mientras se este cocinando agrege un poco de gengibre rallada, canela, azucar morena al gusto y un poco de nuez moscada.

Blue cheese and ham / Queso azul y jamón

  • Crumble blue cheese and dice sliced deli ham into small pieces /  Deshacer el queso azul y cortar el jamón en pequeños cuadritos


  • In a large mixing bowl whisk the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar together / En un recipiente grande mezclar la harina, polvo para hornear, sal y azúcar juntos.
  • Separate the eggs and put the yolks into a small mixing bowl and the whites into the bowl of a stand mixer to be whipped later /  Ponga la yema de los huevos en un pequeño recipiente y las claras en otro recipiente para batir luego

  • Beat the egg yolks, whisk in the milk and melted butter and then whisk the yolk-milk-butter mixture into the flour mixture until well combined / batir las yemas, agregar la leche y la mantequilla derretida y batir todo junto yemas-leche-mantequilla a la mezcla de harina y mezclar bien

  • Beat the egg whites in the stand mixer or with a hand mixer until stiff but not dry peaks form / batir las claras con una batidora o a mano hasta hasta estar firme pero no seco
  • In two additions add the whites to the batter and fold gently together / agregar la mitad de las claras a la mezcla de harina, envolviéndo la masa delicadamente, hacer lo mismo otra vez con la mitad de yemas que queda

  • Heat the ebelskiver pan to medium or a little under to start with, have your fillings ready, a couple tablespoons of melted butter with a pastry brush and a couple of spoons  / Calentar el sartén “ebelskiver” a fuego medio, tienes que tener tus rellenos listos, pon un poco de matequilla derretida al sartén y ten cucharillas a mano
  • Brush a bit of butter into each well then add a heaping tablespoon of batter using one spoon to scrape the batter off the other and into the well  /  después de agregar la mantequilla, ponga una cucharada de la mezcla  al sartén, es bueno usar otra cuchara para ayudar a colocarlos bien

  • Once all the wells are filled, give them a moment to brown a bit on the bottom then using the chopsticks to tilt the ebelskivers up the sides of the well so that they are sitting straight up and some of the batter can flow into and fill the bottom of the well / Después de agregar la masa espere a que cambien de color, luego con unos palitos chinos mover las bolitas “ebelskiver” quedando un poco paradas, un poco de la masa dentro se moverá para que así se cocine y ayude a cerrar la masa
  • Now add a good amount of filling to each ebelskiver.  With more solid fillings, like the spiced apples, or the blue cheese and ham you can stuff them quite full, with other softer fillings such as dulce de leche, the lemon curd marscapone, or jam and nutella, go a bit lighter with the fillings – the reason for this is that when you add the second half of the batter and start flipping the pancakess over, the softer fillings liquify quickly and seep right through the batter and can burn  /  Ahora agregar el relleno a cada bolita, con algunos rellenos mas sólidos como queso y jamón o  manzana con especies puedes rellenarlos mucho pero con los demás rellenos como nutella, crema de limón y marscapone y dulce de leche trata de rellenarlos poco – esto es porque estos rellenos se tornan líquido rapidamente y pueden quemarse

  •  Top each ebelskiver with another tablespoon or so of batter and rotate another quarter turn so that the new batter can start to cook sealing in the filling in the pancake  /  Agrege a cada bolita una cucharada mas de la masa y mueva la bolita un poco mas para que asi pueda cocinarse la masa que acaba de poner, de esta manera la bolita “ebelskiver estará cerrada
  • Rotate once more for the final seam of the pancake and remove to a warming plate in the oven until they are all finished /  mover una vez más para cerrar completamente y sacar del sartén hacia un plato para poner al horno y así mantener caliente hasta que acabe con los demás

Spiced Apple, Blue cheese and Ham, Dulce de Leche, Lemon curd MarscaponeSpiced Apple, Blue cheese and Ham, Dulce de leche, and Lemon curd Marscapone 

Spiced Apple Ebelskiver 

Dulce de leche Ebelskiver