Monthly Archives: June 2012

West Coast Pockets

Seem familiar? They are a well known Cactus Club menu item and I just couldn’t come up with a different name so here is my homemade version of the Westcoast Pockets.  These were mine and my friend Nadines favorite appetizer at Cactus Club and a few years ago, when Nadine was still here in Vancouver (sadly for me and happily [...]


Birthday Cake

Here is Fabio's birthday cake from this year, it is a vanilla buttermilk cake, filled with lemon curd and strawberries, wrapped in dark chocolate and tied with a blue tinted white chocolate bow.  I got the idea for the wrapped cake design from dean and deluca where they make a wrapped cake like this for $150 and I just had [...]


Filled Pancakes

These are Danish filled pancakes - The pan you need to make them is called an ebelskiver pan and is sold as a 'filled pancake' pan at Williams Sonoma.  We picked up ours a couple years ago when we were trying to come up with something new for brunch.  The pan is not cheap (nothing at Williams Sonoma is) but the [...]


Lemon Curd

Made of just eggs, sugar, lemon juice and butter - lemon curd is simple to make and really useful to have on hand in the fridge for weekend breakfasts like crepes, pancakes, or ebelskiver (our next post) or filling a cake (like Fabio's birthday cake this year - our next next post) or to be honest to just have a [...]