Welcome to Dulce and Salado! We are so happy you are here…

Myself (James) and my husband (Fabio) started this blog as a way to explore one of our shared passions… food. We love discovering new cuisines, learning how to make them ourselves, and then sharing with our family and friends.

I love recipes and following them exactly (at least on the first try) however my partner prefers to improvise and experiment on the go… these two styles create a… how do you say?… unique? atmosphere in our kitchen when we are working together… and so it works out well that I am generally focussed on making sweets and desserts and Fabio is making everything that is savory.

This is what we are making for Saturday morning breakfast, Sunday afternoon brunch, weeknight dinner parties, special events, family get togethers, Birthdays and satisfying those late night cravings for something delicious… whether you can be here in person with us or you are stopping by online we are happy you are here!