Lemon Vanilla Madeleines

  These classic scallop shaped French cookies are very simple to make (provided you have the special pan) and quick to put together.  As you can see the ingredient list is short and contains common kitchen staples... you can have a batch of these made start to finish in less than a half hour!  We had our first chance to [...]


Browned Butter Bourbon Banana Bread

  I just couldn’t help myself with the alliteration opportunity up there... but to be serious, the browned butter and the bit of bourbon really elevate this banana bread to something far better than your average.  The idea for this post comes from a recent trip we took to Maui, specifically during our drive along the road to Hana where [...]


Passion Fruit Tart

  This tart is one of my favorite desserts ever and James makes it perfectly - One of the reasons I love this tart so much is that it reminds me of the passion fruit season in Santa Cruz. Growing up in Bolivia I was used to having a specific season for all of my favorite fruits.  From Avocado, to [...]


St. Honoré Cake

Saint Honoré is the name for the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs and I know that I am not the first nor will I be the last to comment that when it comes to this cake it is nice to know you have someone looking out for you.  This cake has few ingredients (butter, flour, milk, cream, chocolate, sugar) [...]


Chocolate Sparkle Cookies

These are Thomas Haas’s chocolate sparkle cookies, you can buy these directly from his store or places like gourmet warehouse in packs of 6, they are sold frozen so you can bake them at home. This recipe was published in the Vancouver sun a few years ago and proclaimed the ‘worlds greatest chocolate cookie’ and I assure you it will [...]


Birthday Cake

Here is Fabio's birthday cake from this year, it is a vanilla buttermilk cake, filled with lemon curd and strawberries, wrapped in dark chocolate and tied with a blue tinted white chocolate bow.  I got the idea for the wrapped cake design from dean and deluca where they make a wrapped cake like this for $150 and I just had [...]


Lemon Curd

Made of just eggs, sugar, lemon juice and butter - lemon curd is simple to make and really useful to have on hand in the fridge for weekend breakfasts like crepes, pancakes, or ebelskiver (our next post) or filling a cake (like Fabio's birthday cake this year - our next next post) or to be honest to just have a [...]

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