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It has been exactly one year since we started Dulce and Salado, sharing our first post - Empanadas de Queso - with all of you... We’ve had an incredible year - we both moved on to new jobs, we took our first big trip together, we got one year older and we took an alarming number of photos of our [...]


Raspberry and Lemon Macarons

  Over the past few years, a small obsession of mine has been learning to make these French cookies at home.  Me and Fabio used to buy a few of these from the French bakery on Granville island for special occasions, and as much as I loved them, I couldn't justify the cost for anything more frequent.   Macarons are [...]


Chicken Pot Pie

  No matter what season it is, a day like today can always be around the corner.  This actually suits me just fine, because a cloudy, rainy evening is perfect for a dinner like this - Chicken pot pie.  The name and concept behind this meal has comfort food written all over it, and besides being nourishing and delicious, this [...]


Homemade Oreos

We could call these 'Chocolate shortbread sandwich cookies with white chocolate ganache' but we all know what these are - Oreos - This week we tried out another recipe from Thomas Keller’s fantastic book ‘Bouchon Bakery’.  At Bouchon Bakery these are called TKO’s - a name which pays tribute to their owner - Thomas Keller - and to the fact [...]


Paska (Easter Bread)

  Easter = Paska bread or should I say Paska bread = Easter? for me the two are inextricably connected.  Growing up with half of my family coming from a Mennonite background, Easter always included Paska... Paska is the sweet citrus filled enriched bread that you see above.  It is always served during this week of the year, and as [...]


Ducken Club with oven fries

  Here is a sandwich I've been wanting to replicate for a while now, it is based on a Rob Feenie designed club sandwich at Cactus Club.  The Rob Feenie version uses roasted chicken and roasted duck, so to simplify things, we made ours with a grilled breast of chicken and added some fried duck prosciutto instead.  The bread you [...]



  Making croissants from scratch always intimidated me.  When I made puff pastry for the first (and only) time it was tough enough to laminate the dough in the hundreds of layers of butter with all the folding, rolling, chilling and waiting... and I knew that making croissant dough has an extra layer of complexity built in as well, as [...]


Spaghetti and meatballs

  Right here we have a comfort food classic - here is our take on Spaghetti and meatballs...  or as they are known in spanish - Albóndigas.    A few years ago, when me and Fabio first tried making fresh pasta, we didn’t have a pasta roller -  we used a rolling pin.  We WORKED for our dinner that night, [...]


Lemon Vanilla Madeleines

  These classic scallop shaped French cookies are very simple to make (provided you have the special pan) and quick to put together.  As you can see the ingredient list is short and contains common kitchen staples... you can have a batch of these made start to finish in less than a half hour!  We had our first chance to [...]


Grown-up Grilled Cheese

  Ever get the craving for a classic grilled cheese sandwich?... well... for next time, this is a very tasty ‘grown-up’ version you might want to give a try - we found this on the Williams Sonoma website and it seemed a perfect opportunity to have gourmet sandwiches for dinner and also try out another recipe from my favorite baking [...]

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