Ducken Club with oven fries

Ducken Club with oven fries


Here is a sandwich I’ve been wanting to replicate for a while now, it is based on a Rob Feenie designed club sandwich at Cactus Club.  The Rob Feenie version uses roasted chicken and roasted duck, so to simplify things, we made ours with a grilled breast of chicken and added some fried duck prosciutto instead.  The bread you make this sandwich with is just as important as the filling.  Using a fruit and nut bread as we have here, adds lots of contrasting flavors to the chicken and duck meat.  The sweetness and heartiness of the bread complements the salty duck prosciutto and savory chicken really well. 

I made the bread we used here by following the Chad Robertson recipe as usual, and added nuts, fruit and zest in to the mix.  You can also find a loaf of bread just like this at Terra Breads – it is called ‘pecan + fruit’ bread – and it will work just as well.  The duck prosciutto is from Oyama meats in the Granville island market. 

We made oven fries to serve alongside our sandwich, an idea we first saw on an episode of Rachel Ray.  While nothing quite compares to true French fries, roasting them this way is a great substitution when you don’t feel like going through the process of deep frying – our apartment fills up so fast with the smell of fried oil so we tend to stick with this method most of the time. 

As always… we hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients / Ingredientes

  • Pecan Fruit Bread / Pan con fruta y nuéz (pacana)
  • 1 large breast of chicken sliced in half and grilled / una pechuga grande de pollo cortada por la mitad y cocinada a la parrilla
  • 60 grams (approx) of duck proscuitto / gramos de proscuitto de pato
  • Butter lettuce / lechuga
  • Mayonaise / mayonesa
  • 2 Russet potatoes / papas
  • Salt and Pepper / sal y pimienta
  • Olive oil / aceite de oliva

Instructions / instrucciones

Pecan and fruit bread

  • For the Pecan Fruit loaf I made my normal sourdough recipe and added 1 1/2 cups of dried fruit – a mix of raisins, currants, and dried cherries as well as 1 cup of pecans and the zest of one orange.  I soaked the dried fruit in warm water for about 10 minutes to plump them up a bit before mixing into the dough.  If you are following Chad’s recipe – this is done just before the dough begins the bulk fermentation.  /La receta para el pan con fruta y nuéz es simple, primeramente hice mi receta de pa de masa fermentada y agregé 1 1/2 tazas de frutas secas – una mezcla de uvas pasas, grosellas y cerezas, también hay que agregar 1 taza de nueces (pacanas) y un poco de ralladura de naranja. Hay que remojar las frutas secas por diez minutos antes de agregarlas a la masa.

Pecan and fruit bread

  • There are a few important steps to making great oven fries… / Existen unos pasos muy importantes para obtener unas papas fritas al horno que sean increíbles
  • The first step is to soak the cut fries in ice cold water for about 15-20 minutes, drain the fries and soak once more in fresh cold water from the tap for a further few minutes.  Draining and rinsing the potatoes will help release the starch in the potatoes – which will assist the fries in browning evenly.  / El primer paso es colocar las papas ya cortadas en agua y remojar por 15-20 minutos, cambiar el agua y remojar las papas nuevamente por algunos minutos más. Esto ayudará a las papas a dorar mejor en el horno.

Oven fries

  • The second step comes after you drain the fries as they now must be dried completely.  Spread the potatoes on a baking sheet lined with paper towels and use another paper towel to cover the fries, blotting them as needed to absorb any extra moisture.  Let the potatoes sit for another 5 to 10 minutes to make sure they are really dried out. / Después de esto secar las papas completamente, dejar secar las papas en papel toalla por 5 a 10 minutos hasta que esten bien secas.

Oven fries

  • Toss the dry fries in a large bowl with 1-2 tbsps of olive oil, and some salt and pepper then distribute evenly over a cooling rack placed over a baking sheet lined with tinfoil.  This is the third important step in making these fries – laying the fries over the cooling rack will allow the heat to circle around the fries and brown them evenly. / En un recipiente colocar las papas con 1 o 2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva, un poco de pimienta y sal también. Colocar las papas sobre una rejilla para enfriar y debajo una bandeja para hornear forrada de papel aluminio. Esto ayudará a que el calor circule simultaneamente para las papas y así cocinarlas uniformemente
  • Bake the fries in a 400 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes, checking on them around 15 minutes to toss them around if necessary. / Hornear las papas en 400 grados por aprox 25 minutos, siempre observandolas y moviéndolas cuando sea necesario.
  • Grill the chicken breast slices in a panini press, fry the duck proscuitto in a pan until slightly crispy – the proscuitto will continue to crisp after you remove it from the heat.  Drain the crispy duck on a paper towel lined plate.  Toast the pecan fruit bread, or grill in the panini press to brown both sides and then assemble your sandwich. / Cocinar el pollo en una parrilla, fritar un poco el proscuitto de pato  hasta que este crujiente y luego colocarlo sobre papel toalla para secar la grasa. Tostar el pan de frutas y nuéz.

Assembling the Ducken sandwich

  • Spread mayonaise on both slices of toasted bread, top each slice with a couple pieces of butter lettuce, top one side of the sandwich with a half breast of grilled chicken, top with crispy duck proscuitto then place both sides together, cut in half and Enjoy! / Colocar mayonesa en una rebanada de pan, agregar un poco de lechuga, luego colocar la pechuga de pollo y el prosciutto encima y colocar por última la otra rebanada de pan con un poco de mayonesa y lechuga y a disfrutar!

Ducken club

Ducken club... Provecho!